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It felt like my world ended when I lost my beautiful daughter last year. She did everything for me, and without her I was completely lost. Since then, Nanna Fridays has stepped in and been my life line, I have had help with shopping and some light cleaning, I have the same lady visit me weekly and we are now real friends, Thank you Nanna Fridays.


My lovely wife is an Alzheimer’s sufferer and I have been her sole career. Nanna Fridays have given me the confidence to be able to leave my wife in their very capable hands. This has enabled me to have some time off my career duties to go and visit old friends and just have some time to myself to feel like ‘me again’

Rennie and Don

I’m very able bodied but unfortunately my eye sight is failing me. I called on Nanna Fridays to help me with some things I am unable to do in my flat, and they have really helped me. It’s a service I completely recommend, they are very trust worthy and I can rely on them 100%.


As a busy family and not living too close by it has been difficult at times to visit my Aunt. Nanna Fridays have been live savers, providing the care and support that we need, without them our lives would be so much more difficult. I would recommend Nanna Fridays to anyone.


Just wanted to say what lovely people Samantha and Ani are. I haven't met them but they are very informative, always keeping me in the loop and have bent over backwards. I sent Samantha a message this morning saying how I couldn't do something for my dad and she did it within a matter of 20 minutes. I'm pregnant and hormonal lol! And I don't know where I would be without people like them. Ani was great last week too. Love love love having them!

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